Policy updates

All the extensions that are available on this website and are available on a fee basis, have guaranteed free support during the period specified in the product description.

You can download updates in your office, in the "Orders". Please note that different extensions, a different period of free support.
You can always contact, through the contact form on the proposals to improve or change extensions. If your appeal will be universal and its implementation will be possible in the current version of the main component and our expansion, the proposal will be considered in apdeyte. After the release of update you can get it in your office.
The normal term of updates to 10-45 days after receipt and study of the basic parameters of the update.
The term depends on the complexity and the current workload on other extensions.

All updates are free during the period of extension support.

The bonus system

What are the bonuses?

Bonus is an internal currency online Nevigen.com, which is the local currency used, etc. calculations for orders of goods on this site. For convenience and for the convenience of calculation, all bonuses are presented in the main unit of account USD

How to receive bonuses?

Bonuses automatically. Bonuses: the registration of the reviews about the extensions for the purchase of goods (% of total) Conditions for bonus accruals and debt:
Group for orders Payment Order (max.)
3% 5%
total amount of purchases of $ 100
10% 15%
total amount of purchases of $ 300
15% 25%
total amount of purchases of $ 500
20% 40%
Register +100 bonuses
review of purchased goods +50 bonuses

How to use the bonuses?

You can pay bonuses in the same way as when paying for goods conventional money. Simply fill in the payment process "Wear a bonus account" and the maximum possible amount of bonuses will be deducted for the payment of all or part of your order.

When I get a bonus?

You get bonuses immediately after the payment of your order. Bonuses are awarded in accordance with the terms of the bonus system.

What I can do with them?

Bonus funds are credited to your account immediately after payment of your order and can not be transferred to another account and cashed or through any payment system. Bonuses belong only to you (in the Nevigen.com and partners) are not foreign currency and accrued as a% of the sum (or part thereof) paid the real/virtual money, with the exception of any action with free extensions.

What I have bonuses?

The status of your bonus account and information on all transactions bonus, you can always check in your personal account.
Always be aware of your additional features.

I want more bonuses!

Please note - you can also earn bonuses for registration, for posting product reviews ( in addition to free extensions ), and taking an active part in the activities and consultations carried out on the site, which imply in their conditions bonuses.

Examples of the bonus system.

  • For new customer

    Bonuses for registration is - 1 bonus.
    Did you register and decide to buy the expansion for $ 20. Commission payment system 5%.
    Choose extension pass the procedure of registration and put the choice of what you want to pay a portion of the bonus amount.
    With your bonus account is debited $ 1 and the net value of the expansion for you will be $ 20 instead of $ 21.
    You made do not lose their money for a commission payment system.
    Save now easier from the start!
  • For regular customers

    You are a regular customer and each of your purchase gives you bonus accrual. Thus, the overall cumulative sum of all orders, you have the possibility of moving to a different group of customers, with more favorable conditions for the bonus.
    For example:
    You already have a buyer for $ 30 bonus account and want to buy such as Универсальный AJAX filter (JoomShopping) .
    You are a member of a group of loyal customers Bonuses on the conditions for a group of maximum 10% write-off of 15%.
    You start the checkout process cost ($ 50), I want to make a mark pay bonuses and your payment amount immediately becomes $ 42.5 (15%, or $ 7.5 You pay bonuses).
    But that's not all ... for the remainder of the amount you pay, you again get bonuses ... 42.5 * 10% = 4.25 bonus.
    your bonus account after registration of the order of 30 - 7,5 + 4,25 = 26,75.
    And now look at the math. You spent only 3.25 bonus and still get 15% discount!
    Save always happy!
  • For WEB-masters

    If you are a webmaster who is constantly creating websites and your customers are, or there with your help, the need for our extensions, then you put them in the estimated cost of the project, expanding customer buying at the same time increasing the number of points on your account, and will be able to buy some or extension, or in one (and can in each) of orders to cash through customer their bonuses.
    A partner may dispose of their privileges in their favor or benefit of the client.
    Get on other people's money!


Plastic cards (Visa / MasterCard)

Plastic card payment is made through the secure payment system LiqPay Privat. This system allows you to pay for goods on our website by any Visa and / or MasterCard, issued by any bank of Ukraine. Security of electronic payments is provided on the basis of the most modern safety standard in the Internet & ndash; 3-D Secure.


Anyone who opened a regular or card account in Privatbank, has the ability to manage your account via the website http://privat24.ua/ & mdash; Privat24 system. Using this payment system you can send and receive payments with high security. Privat Bank in different countries: Privat Ukraine , Russian Privat , Privat Latvia , Privat Cyprus , Privat Georgia , Privat Italy , Privat Portugal .


The basic method of payment for goods in the CIS countries. Fill up your WebMoney purse, you can also manually from any computer or smart phone that is running WebMoney Keeper, or through any terminal. Orders can be paid through system WebMoney Transfer, titular money WMZ.


Yandex.Money is a convenient and secure payment system for purchases on the Internet and the transfer of funds to other users. Among the partners of Yandex, banks, ISPs, online shopping, post office, public utilities and other payment systems. Orders can only be paid in the currency of RUB (conversion rate is automatic).


PayPal is the primary method of payment for goods in Europe. Payment system, which allows for faster and safer to pay for purchases, send and receive money through the internet. Safety and convenience - your information is secure. To make a payment you only need your e-mail address and password PayPal. Orders can only be paid in the currency of USD.


Payment service in Russia and the CIS, which allows you to make payments using a variety of devices and communication channels, both stationary and mobile. Allows the use of cash, prepaid cards and other means of cashless payments to order and pay for goods via the Internet.
All of these methods of payment are on-line format. This means that after the successful payment, the order receives the status of paid and you will have full access to information and goods which are acquired.
All payment methods are implemented through payment plug-ins that you can buy in the " Modules payment " our directory of extensions.

On the delivery of extensions in more detail, you can find here .



This is a legally binding agreement. By installing and / or using software from this website (hereinafter Software), you agree to abide by the terms of this agreement.


You take Software as it is, in its current state, without any implied warranty or features.


You are granted a non-exclusive right to use the Software in accordance with the conditions specified in this agreement. You may use the Software on a single installation of Joomla!.


The software must only be installed on a publicly-accessible website. The name of the domain where the software installed, must be provided for the formation of Nevigen.com and provide you with a key for your copy of the extension.


This software, including its code, documentation, distribution, structure - an exceptional product Nevigen.com, which retains ownership of the Software and its copies and modifications. Nevigen.com also retains the copyright on the software.


You can make as many copies of the Software as you want, as long as you ensure that the software is used on only one website (installing Joomla). You may not distribute copies of the Software to others.


You can change the component source code of the Software only for your own use. The terms of this License Agreement in this case will not be violated. Resale or distribution of any modification is not allowed without written permission from Nevigen.com.


You can not transfer the Software to a third party without written permission from the Nevigen.com. In any case you can not transfer, assign, rent, sell software as well. You are solely responsible for your use transmitted copies of the Software, and shall take all measures to ensure that the software does not fall into the hands of others.


This agreement is valid the entire period of use of the Software until terminated. This Agreement will stop automatically without notice from Nevigen.com, if you fail to comply with any provision of this Agreement. After completion you must cease use of all copies of the Software, including modified copies, if any.

exclusion of warranty.

Nevigen.com shall not be liable for any damages arising from any cause, even if Nevigen.com reported possibility of such damages. Nevigen.com in no event be liable for any losses greater than the price paid by you of the Software. Any warranties are limited in duration to 30 days after the date of payment of the Software.

right of refusal.

We reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the provision of services and sales of products offered, as well as change / close access to previously purchased goods on our website, in case of violation of the provisions set forth in the license agreement, as well as the case entailed violation copyright or assist in the issue of copyright infringement on this site represented by software.
If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, do not use the software.


When ordering, if You are not yet our customer, You will create Your personal account.
where You will be able to: change Your data, download the extension after the payment, can obtain a license key, and view a history of accumulation and the ways to get extra bonuses for payment of subsequent orders. Login to Your personal account will be sent to Your specified e-mail address.
ATTENTION ! do Not be mistaken by entering Your email address. The resource administration, is not responsible for errors made by the buyer while ordering.

the Extension are delivered instantly after payment.

the Seller is obliged to provide access to download after payment extensions, and key for the specified domain.
Under delivery is providing the opportunity to download the software (extension), and get the key for it, unless the licensing terms provide for it and the order is paid.

Not shipping means other than the provision of access for download or send it by e-mail (if necessary) by prior arrangement with the buyer.
Transfer of digital materials on electronic media, email, or other transportation companies is not implemented.

The fact of delivery is access the extension for donwload with notification to the client on the given access by e-mail.
All actions of the client, after receiving from the administration site letter about the change of order status and provide access, are agreed that the client has received delivery of the purchased extension. Even if he did not perform the download of the purchased extension.

All extension announced support, which means that the client will be able to access the order in his office for a period of not less than a specified period of support in the description of the extension.
Usually for extensions of this 365 days or more and for templates of 180 days or more.

the Seller is obliged to provide access to the order with the ability to download (get) the extension in the paid order (section "My orders" in your account on the site) for the entire period of support, if not violated the rules of the license agreement. .
In case of violation of the rules of the license agreement, the extension is deemed paid delivered and the transaction is closed, and the seller has the right to cancel the order and to refuse further service the customer has violated the terms of the license agreement.

To gain access to your orders, you need to log in (only authorized users have access to the personal Cabinet with a list of orders) and go to the My account - Orders.

There will be available to You the necessary information.


  1. The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the ordered product at any time, to get it.
  2. the basis of products is considered to generate a registration key for the software product and its transfer to the buyer by providing access to download the software and / or code key in the paid orders (key is generated immediately after the payment). For information about registration keys generation and downloading files stored on the server (site) of the seller.
  3. Return after receiving the key to activate the extension is not possible due to the fact that the buyer acquires the right to use, which refers to the objects of copyright, and is not subject to return or exchange.
  4. In view of the fact that to get acquainted with the product to the buyer the opportunity to verify that a special demo site, the sale of individual copies of the license key for the software on this web site does not qualify as a remote way of sale, providing for the right of return.
  5. In the event of malfunction of the software on the site of the buyer, we will ensure elimination of inefficient code elements if they are related to the content of the purchased software product, presented on our site.
  6. A broken extensions associated with the use of third-party software products, software, or any structural features of the site of the buyer, as well as in case of non compliance (as described in the product for use on the site of the buyer) is not included in the program to eliminate under safeguards. And the buyer is subject to self-help, or to order additional services ensure efficiency (if possible) for a fee.
  7. Replace the current key with a new one when you change the domain name occurs on a fee basis, through the acquisition of new key.
  8. The fact that the acquisition of products implies full awareness of the license agreement, an agreement for the supply of and familiarity with the right to a refund. Any claim based on not reading, not harmony, not understanding the points of agreements are not the basis for the exchange of extensions without payment or return of the products after purchase.

Final provisions.

The buyer is entitled to receive exclusive information that can provide the seller, to ensure awareness of the buyer with respect to a particular product, in order to make the buyer a full, fair and balanced decision on the final purchase of the products.

All extansion and keys to them non-exchange and non-refundable.

Terms of delivery

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Return and exchange Policy

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License agreement

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