Policy updates

All the extensions that are available on this website and are available on a fee basis, have guaranteed free support during the period specified in the product description.

You can download updates in your office, in the "Orders". Please note that different extensions, a different period of free support.
You can always contact, through the contact form on the proposals to improve or change extensions. If your appeal will be universal and its implementation will be possible in the current version of the main component and our expansion, the proposal will be considered in apdeyte. After the release of update you can get it in your office.
The normal term of updates to 10-45 days after receipt and study of the basic parameters of the update.
The term depends on the complexity and the current workload on other extensions.

All updates are free during the period of extension support.

Terms of delivery

Terms of delivery extensions for Joomla presented on this site.

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Return and exchange Policy

Terms exchange and return extensions presented on this site.

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License agreement

The license agreement on the use of extensions presented on this site.

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