This is a legally binding agreement. By installing and / or using software from this website (hereinafter Software), you agree to abide by the terms of this agreement.


You take Software as it is, in its current state, without any implied warranty or features.


You are granted a non-exclusive right to use the Software in accordance with the conditions specified in this agreement. You may use the Software on a single installation of Joomla!.


The software must only be installed on a publicly-accessible website. The name of the domain where the software installed, must be provided for the formation of and provide you with a key for your copy of the extension.


This software, including its code, documentation, distribution, structure - an exceptional product, which retains ownership of the Software and its copies and modifications. also retains the copyright on the software.


You can make as many copies of the Software as you want, as long as you ensure that the software is used on only one website (installing Joomla). You may not distribute copies of the Software to others.


You can change the component source code of the Software only for your own use. The terms of this License Agreement in this case will not be violated. Resale or distribution of any modification is not allowed without written permission from


You can not transfer the Software to a third party without written permission from the In any case you can not transfer, assign, rent, sell software as well. You are solely responsible for your use transmitted copies of the Software, and shall take all measures to ensure that the software does not fall into the hands of others.


This agreement is valid the entire period of use of the Software until terminated. This Agreement will stop automatically without notice from, if you fail to comply with any provision of this Agreement. After completion you must cease use of all copies of the Software, including modified copies, if any.

exclusion of warranty. shall not be liable for any damages arising from any cause, even if reported possibility of such damages. in no event be liable for any losses greater than the price paid by you of the Software. Any warranties are limited in duration to 30 days after the date of payment of the Software.

right of refusal.

We reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the provision of services and sales of products offered, as well as change / close access to previously purchased goods on our website, in case of violation of the provisions set forth in the license agreement, as well as the case entailed violation copyright or assist in the issue of copyright infringement on this site represented by software.
If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, do not use the software.

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