1. The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the ordered product at any time, to get it.
  2. the basis of products is considered to generate a registration key for the software product and its transfer to the buyer by providing access to download the software and / or code key in the paid orders (key is generated immediately after the payment). For information about registration keys generation and downloading files stored on the server (site) of the seller.
  3. Return after receiving the key to activate the extension is not possible due to the fact that the buyer acquires the right to use, which refers to the objects of copyright, and is not subject to return or exchange.
  4. In view of the fact that to get acquainted with the product to the buyer the opportunity to verify that a special demo site, the sale of individual copies of the license key for the software on this web site does not qualify as a remote way of sale, providing for the right of return.
  5. In the event of malfunction of the software on the site of the buyer, we will ensure elimination of inefficient code elements if they are related to the content of the purchased software product, presented on our site.
  6. A broken extensions associated with the use of third-party software products, software, or any structural features of the site of the buyer, as well as in case of non compliance (as described in the product for use on the site of the buyer) is not included in the program to eliminate under safeguards. And the buyer is subject to self-help, or to order additional services ensure efficiency (if possible) for a fee.
  7. Replace the current key with a new one when you change the domain name occurs on a fee basis, through the acquisition of new key.
  8. The fact that the acquisition of products implies full awareness of the license agreement, an agreement for the supply of and familiarity with the right to a refund. Any claim based on not reading, not harmony, not understanding the points of agreements are not the basis for the exchange of extensions without payment or return of the products after purchase.

Final provisions.

The buyer is entitled to receive exclusive information that can provide the seller, to ensure awareness of the buyer with respect to a particular product, in order to make the buyer a full, fair and balanced decision on the final purchase of the products.

All extansion and keys to them non-exchange and non-refundable.

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