Quick order product in JoomShopping 5+

Addon allows the buyer to make a quick product order in JoomShopping
Quick order product in JoomShopping 5+
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Uikit3, Bootstrap5


The addon provides an opportunity to organize a full-fledged order of goods on the website in 1 click.

Taking care of the client, you can give him the opportunity not to type a basket of goods and not fill in unnecessary fields, but to leave a quick order for a specific product on the site. This will allow the store to get a lead (customer contacts), the manager to get the introductory details of a future conversation with the customer in order to prepare and provide the necessary information on the product or delivery/payment details.

The addon allows mgazain to get a full name, phone number, email and comment from the client. 
After filling out the form, a full-fledged order is created in the store if the customer has selected the product parameters (attributes) then with their indication, if not selected, then in a simplified form. Delivery and payment methods will not be specified. It will be possible to fill in the order to the manager after or during communication with the client.

Creating an order in the list of orders, allows you to control their execution (working out by managers), adjust manually ( by adjusting the standard tools included in the basic JoomShopping delivery) and process later as a regular order.

The addon itself adds the "Quick Order" button to the product card, as well as to the list of products, if these options are enabled in the settings.

An order message will be sent to the store administrator's email as with a regular order in the store, with the customer's contacts already specified, the product name.
The order will also be sent to the client's email (if it was specified during the quick order ) in full or simplified form (depends on the availability of attributes and their choice when placing a quick order).

- output of the quick order button in the product
- output of the quick order button in the list of products
- selection of display and mandatory fields for quick order
- indication of variables in which to output buttons
- ability to go to the "Thank you for the order" page
- separate templates (2 ready-made for BS5 and Uikit frameworks),  with the ability to create your own templates
- creating a full-fledged order in JoomShopping with the ability to edit it.
- informing the administrator/seller/s and the customer about the order
- automatic notification of the extension update

Installation Instructions:
After the purchase, the installation is carried out through the installer Nevigen.com , which you can download in your account and install on your website. After installing the installer, you will need to enter the license key, which you can also find in your account on our website. The license key will provide access to updates and support.
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