OneStepCheckout 5 for JoomShopping 5+

Quick checkout on 1 page for JoomShopping 5 and high
OneStepCheckout 5 for JoomShopping 5+
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The bottleneck in any store, both real and virtual, is the checkout.
The place where the customer can pay for all the goods that he consciously, or perhaps with the help of special events of the seller unconsciously, put in the basket.

The checkout, or checkout area, is the place where the customer gets bored and nervous, as well as the place where, while waiting, the customer can overestimate the contents of the basket and put aside something that he put there under the influence of a fleeting desire.

In a virtual store, such a place is a checkout step. Indeed,  There is no queue at the checkout, but at the time of placing an order, any inconvenience, the need to provide excessive data or re-enter it, uncertainty & nbsp; shipping or payment costs, as well as their impact on the total cost of the order, can significantly affect the behavior of the client. Up to the loss of the entire shopping cart and the client leaving for another online store, more convenient or familiar.
Any customer wants to buy as easily, safely and quickly as possible, ideally in 1 click.

The OneStepCheckout extension is the solution to all these issues in your store and will provide an increased experience for your customers. All that remains for you is to correctly configure the extensions, minimize the fields for placing an order and set up the ability to create a customer account.

Version specifics:

  • default template uses Bootstrap5
  • the ability to use individual templates at the Joomla layer level
  • the ability to change the design algorithm: payment/delivery or delivery/payment
  • recalculation of costs based on the results of changing fields (address or delivery fields)
  • using the built-in JoomShopping delivery and payment plugins
  • the ability to skip the "cart" step (immediately go to checkout)
  • Changing the cart right at checkout
  • the ability to customize the order in which address fields are displayed
  • the possibility of authorization and registration in 1 movement (with automatic generation of login and password, subject to certain settings.the “send password” setting is a prerequisite.)
  • Save the entered fields until the end of the checkout
  • Convenient display of payment and delivery address fields
  • the ability to display full information about the order on the "Thank you for the order" page.

Installation instructions:
after purchase, installation is done through the installer, which you can download in your account and install on your website. After installing the installer, you will need to enter a license key, which you can also find in your account on our website. The license key will provide access to updates and support.


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