Informer about goods in Telegram channels and groups

Extension for cross-posting product information to a Telegram channel or group
Informer about goods in Telegram channels and groups
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The extension allows you to create posts (messages) in Telegram channels and groups through a bot.
The extension allows you to create different messages, the choice of which is carried out in the information about the product, and ensures the transfer of these messages to the Telegram channel or group while saving the product.
channel example
Extension features:
- creation of separate messages for the new product and for the updated product.
- the choice of the type of message is carried out when editing the product, tab information about the product
- sending to channels and groups (where the bot you created is connected). select a group or channel in the settings.
- the presence of tags for inserting additional data into the message: product ID, product article, manufacturer's article, product name, product price, old product price, line break.
- adds a message template selection to the product editing form.
Installation instructions:
After purchase, installation is done through the installer, which you can download from your account and install on your website. After installing the installer, you will need to enter a license key, which you can also find in your account on our website. The license key will provide access to updates and support.
Brief instructions for creating a bot, channel/group and plugin settings:
1. You need to create your own bot (nothing wrong with that). To do this, you need to go to the @BotFather bot in Telegram, this is the "father" of bots. create your own bot by giving it a name. You just need to follow simple instructions.
After creating the bot, be sure to save your Token. this is the API key that will be needed for your site to interact with the bot.
2. You need to create a channel or group, and add the bot you created there, by its name. When adding a bot, you will need to give it Administrator rights. In channels, this is done automatically, and in a group, you will need to grant the bot Administrator rights yourself.
3. Write any message in a channel or group. This is necessary to initialize the connection of the bot with a group or channel.
4. Now you can go to the settings of our plugin on your site and enter your Token (API key) in the appropriate field. Click Save. After that, all your groups and channels where your bot is linked will appear in the list of channels/groups. Now you can choose which channel or group to send messages from your site to.
5. Having completed all the settings, you will be able to go into editing any product, the information tab, at the very end there will be a choice of the type of message. When you save the product, the selected message will be sent to the channel or group you selected.

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