JSBON - bonus system for JoomShopping 5+.

System of bonuses for orders and the ability to use bonuses to pay in JoomShopping
JSBON - bonus system for JoomShopping 5+.
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Bonus system for JoomShopping - a powerful tool for building relationships with customers and increase loyalty of your store.

Any online store, as well as a real store, has a need for a system of interaction with the customer and to increase its loyalty. There are many ways of achieving this. The main program are discounts and bonus program. These two ways to prove its viability and effectiveness. He is almost similar, but there are important differences.

This difference lies in the fact that when using the discount system, you allow the client to save the money and spend the saved part of the money in any other place. For these funds were the client. When using the bonus system, savings of the money, the customer accumulates from you. And they spend a client can only buy at your store, ie You encourage the next visit and the next sale. You can also use the option to pay the accrued bonuses for additional services, participation in certain programs, etc. Thus the bonus system, is a volume marketing tool, enclosing a partial credit program, a system of loyalty and incentive program sales.

Therefore, when you use the bonus system:

  • You provide the so-called customer lending (as if the client gives you some money saved to maintain, you can use for a while. Vospolzovatsya his desire to them)
  • he wonders what happened to him and interact with other things being equal next purchase will be for it cheaper. and may even be able to get it for bonuses then why not be able to buy from you (if you are conducting a joint action or provide additional prizes for the bonuses).
  • client just come back to you to buy (or rather spend bonuses). Have you ever seen people to leave their deposits in the bank?

And also:

  • accumulate funds in your account (such as a 10% discount could get away, and they are at your disposal);
  • encourage shopping in your store;
  • increase customer loyalty and business socialization (if earning rewards for your feedback on products);
  • expandable environment for savings bonuses and joint participation in other bonus programs with partners?


Features of the bonus system in your online store:

  • on / off the bonus system
  • Activation / deactivation of each participant individually bonus system
  • mapping information as bonuses will be earned (in the list of goods and item card when ordering)
  • Configuring% bonus accruals for different groups
  • Fully compatible with the addon automatically placed in the group
  • exposure status to be debited for payment of bonuses
  • exposure status for bonuses
  • Bonuses for purchases (only the net amount without surcharges and delivery charge).
  • Bonuses for the registration of the client
  • Bonuses for feedback (optional only bought and do not have another review this product)
  • payment of bonus balls for goods, including partial (pay only the amount without shipping and surcharges payment systems)
  • manual adjustment of the bonus account client logging action managers.
  • display in a standard profile and integration into the "Advanced Client Profile"

The next update is scheduled

  • rights division managers have the right to adjust the amounts of bonuses and
  • more flexible work with bonuses added for goods
  • Creating and sending messages on their own pattern, clients and administrators.
  • new rules for charging for .....
  • and more ...

Installation instructions:
After purchase, installation is carried out through the Nevigen.com installer, which you can download in your account and install on your website. After installing the installer, you will need to enter a license key, which you can also find in your account on our website. The license key will provide access to updates and support.
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