ARTIMEX Import Export Products JoomShopping 5+

The extension provides import and export of JoomShopping 5+ products (XLSX,CSV)
ARTIMEX Import Export Products JoomShopping 5+
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ARTIMEX  - allows you to import and export products to JoomShopping without the need to convert the MS Excel, CSV file.
Uploading goods (import) into JoomShopping allows you to initially fill the catalog with goods, as well as update or add goods to the existing catalog. The update is carried out according to  "Product ID", "Product code", "Manufacturer code".


  • Importing products from a MS Excel file (xls, xlsx)
  • Import  from CSV files
  • Supported encodings: Windows-1251, UTF-8
  • Possibility of flexible configuration of the structure (no rigid sequence and presence of columns) of the imported/exported file.
  • Methods for updating products - ID, Product code (EAN), Manufacturer code (manufacturer_code).
  • Automatic creation of missing categories, attributes, characteristics, labels, taxes, manufacturers, etc.
  • Supports nesting of categories.
  • Supports multi-select characteristics
  • Multi-category support
  • Support for dependent attributes (each to each)
  • Ability to unpublish all products before import.
  • Export goods only with certain data
  • Automatically download images from another site (via a link).
  • Automatic resizing (resizing) of thumbnails
  • Automatic generation of alias (alias)
  • Creating different profiles for different imports (for example, from different suppliers or for different client-sellers)


  1. You can make many sheets in EXEL and operate with data that will be displayed on the first sheet as summary sheets. For example, the second sheet is the supplier’s price list, and the first sheet displays all the data using a formula and the column with the price already includes a recalculation of your markup.
  2. You can create a meta description using a simple formula combining the name, code, price, and brief description. You can form keywords and title in the same way. Immediately import SEO-optimized products. This eliminates the need to use third-party SEO optimizers.
  3. Price changes can be made by simply drawing formulas (for example Cell * 1.15 - revaluation by + 15%)
  4. The formation of columns can be configured by the sum of the values of several cells. For example: attributes are formed as the addition of text data from different cells of another sheet, or the sum of numeric values.

Actually, everything further is limited only by the capabilities of MS Excel, your knowledge and imagination.

If you set the update method by ID, MAKE SURE that such IDs already exist in order to update using them. If such an ID does not exist, then there is nothing to update. And a serial (system) ID will be created by JoomShopping itself.

Fields that can be imported and exported in this extension.

  • Product ID
  • Product code
  • Manufacturer code
  • Quantity / Unlimited
  • Product availability
  • Publication
  • Tax
  • Currency
  • Product template
  • URL
  • Old price
  • Purchase price
  • Price
  • Photo
  • Manufacturer
  • Delivery times
  • Hits
  • Item weight
  • Product tags
  • Product name
  • Nickname
  • Brief description
  • Product description
  • META title
  • META keywords
  • META description
  • Attribute (including pictures)
  • Free attributes
  • Characteristics
  • Related products (via ID/EAN)

Installation instructions:
After purchase, installation is carried out through the installer, which you can download in your account and install on your website. After installing the installer, you will need to enter a license key, which you can also find in your account on our website. The license key will provide access to updates and support.
more about installation

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