Client profile BS-PROFILE for JoomShopping 5+

Client profile with improved usability and advanced features
Client profile  BS-PROFILE for JoomShopping 5+
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An extended customer profile template that allows the customer to have convenient access to their orders, coupons/promotional codes, pending products and profile data with the ability to edit the necessary data.

  • The client can view and edit immediately contact details and data for delivery.
    Edit this happening right in your profile, just click on the field.
  • View all in a convenient and compact form, a list of orders and goods in orders. The opportunity to cancel the order.
  • See notes to Wish List, moving them to the Trash or Remove from notepad.
  • View a history of all coupons issued to the client, in a convenient visual representation.
  • View terms of discounts for groups of customers
  • Template built with the principles of responsiveness (responsive) and adapted for use on mobile devices
  • In the settings you can disable the tab
  • The possibility of granting rights to a group of users to view all orders, all customers in the profile. Convenient to store administrator.

Installation Instructions:
After the purchase, the installation is carried out through the installer , which you can download in your account and install on your website. After installing the installer, you will need to enter the license key, which you can also find in your account on our website. The license key will provide access to updates and support.
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Support is provided exclusively to the domain .

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