Reminder to review JoomShopping

Addon allows to e-mail customers, reminding them of the opportunity to leave reviews.
Reminder to review JoomShopping
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Updating date:
365 days
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System requirements

PHP version (min)
5.6 - 7.x

PHP extensions
OpenSSL (/administrator/index.php?option=com_admin&view=sysinfo - OpenSSL support: enabled)


Any good shops always makes the study of satisfaction of their customers.
Get feedback from the buyer is not always easy. Especially well if the degree of satisfaction or satisfaction is not extreme.
Reviews or store is usually written in "the midst of the passions." For example, if the customer was very pleased with the service and / or product. Or, if you are not very happy as revenge write a negative review.
Reviews have two key features that are equally important for the store.
  1. receive feedback on the work shop or product that should be important to the store owner.
    This allows you to optimize store (personnel or structure of the site), and have a balanced position in determining the range and negotiations with suppliers.
  2. More information for buyers. are always looking for opinions (real) of the product.
    the best advertisement is the view of the same buyer on the same product ("word of mouth").
But what about those customers, the transaction which took place on neutral emotional background?
Or reactions that can be expected later on, due to the specifics of the goods and / or requires testing for review?
Here, for the online store, there is only one way to get feedback, it is organizing a direct link. So having carried out a reminder e-mail that the goods purchased recently, and the fact that the opinion of the buyer, it is important for your store. Especially it will be useful to stimulate the customer to place a comment by providing some additional nice bonuses for it, for example by means of a bonus system.
To carry out this newsletter exclusively for your customers who have purchased goods from you but will review the extension.
- Sending automated through wget (cron) at a convenient time for you;
- Delivery only to customers with an insert list of products that they have purchased and which can leave a response .;
- The status of the order, which is considered the basis for sending the mailing;
- Set the time delay of sending the letter, after the order (in days);
- The content of the letters submitted in the format templates that are easy to edit;
- Support multilanguage (sending letters in the language in which the order was placed)
The principle of enlargement.
Queuing up for the newsletter automatically.
In turn, the client gets the newsletter after the change of the status of his order, the status of / s selected / e in the settings.
A letter will be sent through the settings put up the number of days.
Instructions for installation / uninstall:
This extension is installed and removed as a normal extension of Joomla.

Reviews and rates (9)

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Пользовала не долго, с бонусной системой, количество отзывов действительно увеличилось.
Не проверил совместимость со своей версией. В итоге не работает.
Сергей Вурста
Потрібна річ в інтернет-магазині, однозначно.
Полезное расширение, позволяющее налаживать обратную связь с покупателями.
Григорий Огнев
Работает как надо!
Без сомнений вещь нужная.
Dmitry Buto
После обновления-просто бомба) Отличное расширение, в топ 5 маст хэвов
Dmitry Buto
Воспользовался данным расширением. Если будет работать как надо, то эффект будет просто колоссальным.
Жизненно необходимое расширение. К примеру сейчас сам пишу отзыв по ссылке с этого же расширения.
Единственное что лучше описание продукта не мешало бы сделать.
Олег Уржумцев
Каждый раз не перестаёте удивлять Вашей работой! приобретая у Вас расширения к сайту - открываем для себя и для наших клиентов все новые и новые возможности! Спасибо Вам за оперативные ответы, квалифицированную тех.поддержку и идейные разработки! Удачи Вам!

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