Shipping Urkposhta for JoomShopping 5+

Ukrposhta Shipping Cost Calculation Extension JoomShopping 5+
Shipping Urkposhta for JoomShopping 5+
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Ukrposhta is the largest postal operator in Ukraine.
The operator provides the lowest rates for streaming forwarding within the territory of Ukraine and abroad.
Using this extension for calculating the cost of delivery, your client will be able to receive an exhaustive and the most important is up-to-date information on the cost of delivery of an order on the territory of Ukraine to any point in the country. There are branches of Ukrposhta in the most remote corners, and there are also mobile ones that will surely deliver your goods to your most distant customers.
The cost is calculated automatically after entering the client's index, according to current rates, the cost is returned by Ukrposhta itself via the API.
Extension features:
  • automatic creation of 3 separate delivery methods to the branch and courier delivery
  • automatic calculation immediately after entering the index  (only for Ukraine)
  • Entering the index directly in the shipping method (which eliminates the need to display the index field in the address)
  • when you enter an index in the delivery method by Courier, the streets associated with this department are automatically selected, when you select a street, houses associated with the street by index are automatically selected
  • The data entered in the delivery methods is automatically written into the customer's delivery address fields in the order.
  • calculated via API
  • printing labels 
  • shipping tracking (* in updates)
  • Full integration with OneStepCheckout5

Installation instructions:
After purchase, installation is done through the installer, which you can download in your account and install on your website. After installing the installer, you will need to enter a license key, which you can also find in your account on our website. The license key will provide access to updates and support.

Setting Features:
- in the addon (Options-Add-ons), you must enter the keys for dotsup to the API and make the initial settings.
- in the delivery methods, select "Prices of delivery methods" and select the country Ukraine, the calculation is made only by API, taking into account the tariffs of domestic forwarding. international shipments are calculated differently.
- in "Extensions for pricing" (/index.php?option=com_jshopping&controller=shippingextprice) you need to select the necessary delivery methods for calculation via Ukrposhta.

ATTENTION! Shipping costs are calculated only if the item has weight and length. These are mandatory parameters, without them the calculation cannot be carried out.

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