Delivery date on the working mode of the store on JoomShopping

Addon for calculating the delivery date, taking into account weekends
Delivery date on the working mode of the store on JoomShopping
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Updating date:
365 days

System requirements

PHP version (min)
5.6 - 7.x


The extension allows you to customize the output of the delivery date of the order from Your store on JoomShopping, taking into account the settings of weekends and holidays.
All settings on weekends and dates holidays You will be able to set yourself.
It also takes into account the possibility of sending the order on the same day, depending on the time of placing the order in Your store.
If the order is made in Your store on a weekend, the delivery date is determined from the first working day after the weekend in which the order was made.
installation is done through Joomla extension Manager (your site/administrator/index.php?option=com_installer)
To configure the plugin you need to go to it (plugin delivery date), make the necessary parameters. Determine whether Saturday and Sunday are days of the weekend, enter the dates of holidays in each month, and determine the time before which an order placed can be shipped on the same day. 
Then publish the plugin to work.

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