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Addon allows you to limit spam messages in quiet mode
антиспам pro в «задать вопрос по товару» joomshopping
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Updating date:
3.7+, 4.2+
365 days

System requirements

PHP version
5.6 - 7.x


The unique approach of defining spam bots, based on diametrically opposite approaches spam recognition than Captcha. Unlike solutions with Captcha, which uses the idea to offer the user a task that could easily solve people, but which disproportionately more difficult to solve computer, this spam filter uses the definition of actions that can be done only by a robot, and will not make the man.

  • does not require any extra effort from the user,
  • do not need to enter the strange symbols,
  • do not need to collect pictures

Of course, as the use of Captcha, the use of the spam filter does not guarantee 100% protection, but compared to the protection of the Captcha spam filter is much more effective as possible spambots limited and likely actions can be counted and classified as spam with sufficient accuracy.

No captchas not need to include. Everything happens in a quiet stealth mode.

The addon works only in conjunction with the " Ask a question about this item "

Installation instructions:
install the plug as a normal plugin Joomla.
Then in the Plugin Manager you must enable it.

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К расширению беру обязательно антибот, функцию выполняет свою отлично!
Работает! Спама нет!

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