Addon blocking with overdue accounts receivable

Addon allows you to suspend shipments to customers who have arrears of outstanding orders
Addon blocking with overdue accounts receivable
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PHP version
5.6 - 7.x


Online shops that work in a format pre-shipment without payment may collide with the emergence of overdue receivables.

In the format of actual sales accounting tracked these questions, but in the virtual store there is a question that the client can make an order at night or during off business hours.

In the real format, you can check payable during the formation of the invoice for the shipment, in JoomShopping not monitored receivables to customers.

For such cases created this addon that allows you to warn the customer about the debt, as well as the repayment of debt not block access to the client the possibility of further orders until it is paid off receivables.

WARNING! Addon works only in the format of registered users.
If you have the opportunity to set an order without registering, the addon will not block unregistered users.

Key Features:

  • the ability to assign order statuses debt;
  • the ability to assign warning period;
  • the ability to assign the lockout period;

The expansion is particularly effective when used in conjunction with post-payment and any payments online plug-in.
Your customers will become more disciplined and be automatically alerted to the possible suspension of shipment for orders in advance.
That it was not cause confusion in subsequent dealings.

Installation instructions:
This extension is put through the installer as usual JOOMLA plugin.

In the Plugin Manager Joomla
Find the plugin "JoomShopping - Receivables". In his settings, you have to choose the status of the order, which is for you Receivables, as well as periods in order to prevent and block.

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Олег Уржумцев
Еще и еще раз огромное спасибо разработчикам данного расширения! как всё облегчает работу и одновременно дает новые и новые возможности для более продуктивной работы и привлечения клиентов! Каждый продукт этой компании создает новые возможности в работе с клиентами! Техподдержка работает оперативно и квалифицированно все объясняет. В общем - советую всем!
Отличная таблетка от головной боли для бухгалтера и менеджеров! +100500 за это решение!

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