JPG and PNG image optimizer for JoomShopping

The plugin optimizes the image of the product by compression, without loss of quality
JPG and PNG image optimizer for JoomShopping
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 This extension allows you to optimize the images assigned to products by compression without loss of quality. The extension works through the service API while saving the product image in the JoomShopping admin panel.
  • ✔ easily compress JPG and PNG images in your store.
  • ✔ significantly reduce the size of images by compressing them.
  • ✔ on average, JPG images are compressed by 40-60%, png-by 50-80% without visible loss of quality.
  • ✔ improved customer experience with faster page loading.
  • ✔ you will save a lot of disk space on your server.
  • ✔ compress images by categories: product images, category images, manufacturer images.
  • ✔ view monthly compression usage directly in the plugin message when saving a picture, no need to open TinyPNG account control panel.
  • ✔ compress the first 500 images for free every month for each API key.
as a result, you will get a significant acceleration of loading the site, both for the PC version and for mobile viewing. You can always check the result when testing with pagespeed.
please visit HTTPS://TINYPNG.COM/DEVELOPERS for more detailed pricing information, if you want to use one account and compress more than 500 images each month.
The extension is installed as a regular Joomla plugin.
To use the plugin you need to get API key.
The key You can get for free on the website of the service, specifying your mail. You can also see there the rates for paid use. The free key allows you to optimize up to 500 images per month.

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Валерий Юдин
Заработал прямо из коробки. Все круто. Без допиливания работает как с бэкэнда так и с фронта. По задержке при добавлении товара (увеличению времени загрузки) сложно сказать. Тестим. В моем случае это приличная экономия времени, т.к. товар добавляется каждый день, а ручками все это долго и непродуктивно. Спасибо разрабам.

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