Module Filter of products for JoomShopping 5+

Universal product filter in JoomShopping 5.1 and higher
Module Filter of products for JoomShopping 5+
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An online store with a large assortment of products certainly faces the problem of choosing products by visitors. A huge number of displayed products on the page and pages with products leads the buyer to a dead end of not being able to view only what interests him, he will have to look through the entire range in search of the right color, size, material of manufacture, etc. Recall the proverb "find a needle in a haystack".
How to help your customer find the right one? Certainly you can enjoy customer amazement from your assortment, but that was probably not the purpose of creating your store. The store is not a quest room, you should not look and consider in it, you should buy in the store, quickly, conveniently and what you need. In offline stores (partially and online, not optimized), such work with the client is carried out by a consultant manager, who, as a rule, asks several questions and, after receiving answers, makes a choice instead of or together with the client.
In an online store, properly built and structured, the role of the buyer's guide from the shelf with the goods to the checkout is performed by the GOODS FILTER. He is a consultant who asks questions (shows available options), and depending on the answers, shows the right products, from the point of view of the client.
The buyer, if he really intends to purchase,  looking for a product with clearly defined parameters. He will definitely buy, and he knows exactly what, he has only one task left - to find the right product. It is separated from the target by a very small distance that it must pass in your store. And it is in your power to reduce this distance with the help of a filter.
Imperceptibly, quietly, gently, but surely leading him to the goal, which is an order in your store. The buyer, by selecting certain parameters in the filter that meet his requirements, receives one or more products that meet his requirements for purchase. Then he just needs to read about its additional benefits and that's it, the purchase is guaranteed.

This filter is a new development with a redesigned algorithm and new features. It is based on a hybrid mechanism with partial use of AJAX technology. This means that the filtering module itself works with page reloads, which gives you more options, which you will learn about below in the features section.

 The filter allows you to select a product:
- by price range (input fields and a trackbar with a selection step of shifting pointers)
- by category
- by manufacturer
- by supplier (vendor) (* in future versions)
- by product characteristics
- by product attributes
- by product tags (labels)
- products only images or all
- availability/out of stock (quantity of goods 0/0<)
- for discounted goods (which have an old price)
- for reviews (if the product has reviews)
Module Features:
- the order in which filter options are displayed, configured by the administrator;
- display and filter by products of subcategories for the parent category, without the need to assign products to 2 categories;
- custom sorting of the output of the names of manufacturers and categories;
- when filtering by price, prices and dependent attributes are taken into account;
- when filtering by price, prices are taken into account in the currency currently selected on the site;
- when filtering by price, prices are taken into account depending on the discount for the user group
- when filtering by dependent attributes and availability, it takes into account the presence of a product with each set of dependent attributes
- the modular principle of connecting templates allows you to create and flexibly manage different custom module templates
- allows you to create a LandingPage (menu items with pre-selected parameters);
- when choosing options , you can enable the display of a special status bar above the list of products, which shows the number of selected product items, selected options and provides the ability to partially or completely reset the selected filter options.
- the filter works with reloading and generating a URL with parameters, which makes it possible output of individual site modules to specific URLs, for example, an ad block, as well as the ability to share a link to a ready-made selection of products;
- filtering module works only on JoomShopping pages: category, manufacturer, LandingPage (menu item repeated through the filter), and search page JoomShopping;
- automatic title generation for pages with selected filter options (* in future versions);

Installation instructions:
after purchase, installation takes place through the installer, which you can download in your account and install on your site. After installing the installer, you will need to enter the license key, which you can also find in your account on our website. The license key will give you access to installation, updates and support.

general demo in default template

separate demo of the offcanvas filter template

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