Grouping module manufacturers in alphabetical order JoomShopping

The module allows you to organize the output the list of producers with a breakdown by alphabetical basis
Grouping module manufacturers in alphabetical order JoomShopping
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Updating date:
3.14+, 4.2+
365 days

System requirements

PHP version
5.6 - 7.x


This module is designed for shops with many manufacturers to provide a convenient display a list of manufacturers, segmentation on the basis of alphabetical ordering.

This allows customers to quickly find the right manufacturer and go to the list of its products in the catalog online store.

This module allows a very flexible way to organize the output manufacturers:

  • to configure the number of blocks in a row
  • adjust the display is alphanumeric (eg A, B, C, ... I)
  • to adjust the display range (eg A-D, D-R, G-I)
  • to combine both options
  • in an alphabetical index (template bar)

Installation instructions:
installation is done through the panel "Extension Manager" Joomla, like a regular module.


View display list or alphabetical bar is set by selecting a template in the "Advanced" configuration module.

Display options block letters of the alphabet in all the templates produced in the "Group By"

A collection of letters is given in the "Characters"

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