Automatic order JoomShopping with a choice of period

Extension allows you to make periodic orders JoomShopping automatically
Automatic order JoomShopping with a choice of period
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Updating date:
3.14+, 4.2+
365 days
on domain

System requirements

PHP version (min)
5.6 - 7.x

PHP extensions
bc-math (/administrator/index.php?option=com_admin&view=sysinfo - BCMath support: enabled)


This extension will allow you to provide the customer with the ability to automatically order goods, with a choice of frequency.

With this extension, the store will be able to provide the client plus one level of service that will increase loyalty and the degree of interaction with him.

An example of using this extension.
Shop "Optics - lenses for the eyes" - the purchase of lenses has a regular character. Customers easy to order once and put it on the reorder period, such as once a month. This will ensure that the store planned purchases of a certain type of product, customer withdrawals worries next order tracking and selection of the store.

Features extension:

  • selection of automatic re-ordering during the ordering process
  • Administrator appoints the possible periods of the order
  • the opportunity to set/cancel your order any time, to re-order in your account
  • a separate page view their periodic orders for the client and administrator
  • Filtering periodic orders by date
  • Automatic generation of orders via Cron
  • Compatibility with design on one page
  • compatibility with extended profile

The extension can be very useful for shops selling goods with neobhodiomostyu periodic acquisition: pharmacies ( pills, lenses, solutions, medications to order ), pet stores ( feed, sand, vaccines ), stores supplies ( motor oil, oil for gasoline-powered tools, printer cartridges ) and so on.


The expansion is set as an addon JoomShopping, through the panel, "Installing and Upgrading" JoomShopping.
The removal is the same.


To configure the extension simply specify the necessary (permissible) periods of the order.
And make a Cron task pane on the hosting automation line starts forming orders.


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Олег Уржумцев
Каждый продукт этой компании работает как часики! так как описано в примечании. Техподдержка работает оперативно и квалифицированно все объясняет. В общем - советую всем!

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