Addon "Bought together with product"

Addon displays products that are bought together with viewed products.
Addon "Bought together with product"
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Updating date:
365 days

System requirements

PHP version
5.6 - 7.x


The plugin "buy With this item" displays on the page of each product a list of products from the orders of other customers that have this product. This plugin is compatible with JoomShopping version 4.12+

Install the plugin

Download the archive on the website where You bought this plugin.
Go to your Joomla admin Panel in the menu "Extensions/extension Manager/Install"
On the tab "Upload package file" select the downloaded archive. Then click "Download and install" the Plugin is installed.

Uninstall plugin

Go to your Joomla admin Panel in the menu "Extensions/plugin Manager"
In the search box, type "Buwit" and hit enter
In the list of plugins will be the plugin "Buy With This Item (Buwit JoomShopping)", go to its settings
Specify the required settings and then set the plugin state to "Enabled" and save the plugin the Plugin is enabled and configured.

Configure Plugin

If You choose "Yes" under "Show in front of the Attendant?", it is very important to have in your template output the contents of the variable "_tmp_product_html_before_related"

print $this->_tmp_product_html_before_related;

This variable is appended the contents of the template "buwitProducts.php" This pattern is present in the folder with the plugin and its contents are identical to the template related.php and it is not recommended to edit. If You need to change the content of the template, You can override by creating a file "buwitProducts.php" in the folder with Your template JoomShopping in the product folder (the same place where the file related.php)

If You choose "No" under "Display in front of the Attendant?", then You have the opportunity to bring this list anywhere in the template. By default, this setting in the template are not displayed products but in the product template variables are passed buwitProducts: array - an Array of products buwitParams: JRegistry - plugin Settings

In the template item from the plugin settings you can retrieve the number of items in a row


Reviews and rates (6)

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Отличный аддон. Но больше, чем само расширение, хочется отметить поддержку разработчиков. В короткие сроки был устранён конфликт аддона с другим сторонним расширением. Спасибо!
Дима Шевцов
Получается хорошая перелинковка и дополнительная сумма к заказу. Не пожалел о приобритении
Очень полезное расширение. Понравилось автоматическое вычисление и простота настройки. Всё круто!
Олег Уржумцев
Все расширения очень таки облегчают работу и создают дополнительные инструменты для привлечения новых клиентов! Спасибо!
Dmitry Buto
ОТличное расширение. Особенно когда большое количество заказов

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